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Buildings are the areas in which nearly all the action of Bang! Howdy takes place. Every town has the same buildings, but they vary between towns in look, relative location, and given name.

The saloon

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The saloon is probably the most important building of the bunch, because it serves as the focal point for matches, both ranked matched games, and unranked back parlor games. The saloon also serves as a social center, allowing all those in the saloon to chat with each other.

The general store

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The general store is the place for players to purchase new items with scrip and gold coins. In addition to cards and passes, players can also pick up new duds and gear.

The barber shop

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The barber shop allows players to customize their avatars by trying on different sets of clothing they have purchased, and, for a price, change their hair, eye, and skin colors, as well as hair styles and facial expressions, to create new looks. Players can also change their names for a price.

The ranch

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The ranch serves as an information and help center, allowing players to look at their big shots and purchase new ones, review the units they've acquired and find information on how to unlock others, and play practice matches against the computer.

The station

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The train station allows players to move from town to town, assuming they have acquired the appropriate ticket.

The sheriff's office

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The sheriff's office allows players to play single-player bounties. In the Indian Trading Post only the Tin Star Town Bounties and the Copper Star, Silver Star, and Gold Star Most Wanted bounties are available at present.

The hideout

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The hideout allows players access to their gang's information and gang matches.

The bank

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The bank does not currently have a function; it was removed with the transition to Wrangler pass. It is not able to be entered.

The bank served a single purpose: It allowed players to exchange scrip for gold coins, and vice versa. It was popular in the peak years of the game, as players were able to set the prices and create a player-run economy.