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The hideout interface for someone who is not in a gang
The hideout interface for a gang leader; a regular member would not see the Edit and Leader Menu buttons

Gangs are the social and political organizations of Bang! Howdy. Members of a gang can chat and play games in the hideout. Players can join a gang only by invitation, or by creating their own. A gang can store scrip through its members' donations, and these funds can be used to rent items for all members of the gang, or to upgrade the gang's buckle or weight class (the latter two actions use aces in place of scrip).

Gangs have rankings, just as individual players do, and compete for standing on the top ranked lists. Gang membership and rank is shown on wanted posters, along with the gang's buckle. Gangs are organized in a hierarchical structure, the available ranks being member, recruiter, and leader.

Stages of gang membership


The dialogue box that appears when a player creates a new gang

Gangs can only be formed a player who has earned the Cowpoke badge. Founding a gang costs 2500 scrip.; the creator names the new gang and is immediately promoted to leader. Gangs are created in the hideout. Every gang's name consists of up to 18 characters, followed by a group "title" selected at creation from a dropdown list:

  • Bandits
  • Boys
  • Bunch
  • Clan
  • Congregation
  • Crew
  • Dudes
  • Gals
  • Gang
  • Girls
  • Guys
  • Outlaws
  • Posse
  • Renegades
  • Riders
  • Rustlers
  • Tribe
  • League

Recruitment and membership

Gang members who have attained the rank of recruiter can invite other players to join their gang as members. As with pardner invitations, a short message can accompany a gang invitation. Recruiters can only invite people whose portraits they have direct access to (not through top ranked lists), including pardners, and cannot invite anybody who is already in a gang. Recruiters can set up parlors to attract only players who are not already in another gang.

A player can access the gang's chat and game options at the hideout immediately after joining, as well as being able to make donations to the gang.

Promotion and demotion

Gang leaders can promote members up to recruiters and leaders, and recruiters up to leaders. They can also demote recruiters down to members, and leaders of less seniority down to recruiters or members.

Assigning Titles

Article back.png Main article: Title

Gang leaders are able to assign titles to recruiters, members, and leaders of lower seniority. These titles replace the normal ranking for a member or recruiter, and can be viewed on their wanted poster. Leaders are always displayed as a "Leader" on their wanted poster, regardless of whether they have been assigned a title or not.

Leaving and expulsion

Gang members can leave a gang at any point through the hideout through the Leave Gang button. A gang's leaders can expel members through the roster, although leaders can only expel other leaders of lower seniority. Expelling a member returns to them 50% of any scrip and gold coins they donated to the gang; if the gang does not have enough scrip and coins to cover this, it will not be possible to expel the member. If the member only joined within the past week, the refund is 100% of any scrip and gold coins that member may have donated. Members who leave through the Leave Gang button receive none of their donations back.

Gang matches

Gang members can earn aces for their gangs in most matched games, whether at the hideout or not. The hideout offers a matching interface that is nearly identical to the one at the saloon, except that players will not be matched with other members of their own gangs in competitive matches, and will only be matched with members of their own gangs in cooperative matches. The Table tab lets the hideout serve as a private unmatched back parlor.

Weight classes and ranking (notoriety)

Gangs are ranked relative to to other gangs in a top ranked list. However, to allow smaller gangs to have a chance at fame, gangs are ranked within their weight classes. Each weight class has a cap on the number of members a gang can recruit.

To increase its size beyond a set limit, a gang must upgrade to a higher weight class. Since each weight class has its own top ten list, a small, highly skilled gang can still dominate the Derringer class, even though it would have no chance in the Gatling class. Upgrading weight class requires that the gang pay the difference between the price of the current weight class and the new one, as well as the difference in the rental fees between classes for any items currently rented.

Gangs can downgrade their weight class, as long as they are below the member cap of the lower weight class. There is no refund of any rental fees nor of the upgrade fees from the higher class. To increase the weight class requires all the fees be paid again. When a gang downgrades it loses 75% of its notoriety to prevent large gangs from earning a large amount of notoriety with many members then dominating lower weight classes.

Items use double the dud rental multiplier.

List of weight classes

Class Name Upgrade Cost Rental Multiplier Member Cap
Derringer Inc in founding fee 2.5 20
Peacemaker Ace.png 200 6 50
Schofield Ace.png 400 11.5 100
Winchester Ace.png 700 ? 200
Gatling Ace.png 1000 55.5 500

List of notoriety levels

  • Little Known
  • Known
  • Well Known
  • Respected
  • Renowned
  • Illustrious
  • Celebrated

Winning in ranked matches helps increase the gang's notoriety level.

Intra-gang rankings

Gang members are also ranked for each scenario, relative to the other members of their gang, in a separate top ranked list accessible at the hideout. Like the other ranking lists, a member must play at least 10 games per category to be listed for that week. There are lists for last week, current week and lifetime.

Gang ranks


For leaders, seniority is based on the order in which they were promoted. The gang info page orders leaders from most senior to least senior. A leader's seniority resets if they are demoted then re-promoted. Leaders can only demote leaders of less seniority than themselves. Gang members do not have seniority and are instead listed by number of aces earned from highest to lowest with all active players being listed before inactive ones.

The gang roster in the hideout sorts the names as above but online players are listed before active players then inactive players.

List of ranks


A member is the default rank for players who have just joined a gang. Being a member allows a player access to intra-gang matches.


A recruiter is someone who has been given the ability to invite new members into the gang.


A warning screen for promoting another to leader rank

A gang leader is someone entrusted with powers by another leader. Leaders have the ability to invite new players to the gang, promote others to be recruiters or leaders, assign titles to other members, purchase new parts for their gangs' buckles, upgrade their gangs' weight classes, and rent gang items. Leaders can also demote or expel members and recruiters, and other leaders of lower seniority than themselves. New leaders are only able to carry out one leader action every 24 hours, and over time, this limit will be lessened, until the leader can perform unlimited actions.

Items at the hideout

The Purchase Gang Items interface

Gang Inventory

The gang inventory shows all currently rented items, and allows leaders to renew rentals. All gang members are able to view the gang inventory.

Rental items

Items Can No Longer Be Rented


Article back.png Main article: Buckle

In the gang purchases window, leaders are able to upgrade their gang to Peacemaker, Schofield, Winchester, or Gatling, as well as customize their buckle. Leaders can also choose to upgrade the number of icons that can be shown on their buckle. Different icons, like bulls skulls and guns, backgrounds, like bullseye and checker, and borders like curly rope or barbed wire are available to purchase with gold and aces. Gang members are able to see all buckle items the gang owns.