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Bonuses are visible effects on the game board designed to help the player whose units pick them up. A unit (or its controlling player) immediately receives the benefit of a direct effect when the unit picks it up, and earns its player 10 points—unless the effect "bounces" onto an adjacent square. Influences apply a given effect to the unit that retrieves them, overwriting any existing influences; the unit's player receives 10 points, unless the unit was already affected by an influence.

Cards picked up during the game are not kept after the match.

Direct effects

Name Image Effect
Bonus Point Star

Bonus-Bonus Point Star.png

Gives the unit's owner 25 points (instead of the usual 10 points). Only appears when one player is severely beating the other.[1]


Gives the unit's owner a random card; this card can be carried onto further rounds of the same match, but will disappear if not used by the end of the match. This effect will "bounce" if the unit's owner already has three cards in their hand.


Spawns a new unit at the original unit's health and tick number.


Fully heals the unit.


Fully heals all units on the field. This effect will "bounce" if all units are already fully healed.

[1] Forgiven bonuses only available in Indian Trading Post matches

Frontier Town influences

Name Image Effect
Hollow Point

Bonus-Hollow Point.png

Gives the unit a 30% increase in attack strength.


Allows the unit to move every 3 ticks instead of every 4.
Iron Plate

Bonus-Iron Plate.png

Makes the unit impervious to enemy attacks for seven ticks. Does not protect against trains, the wendigo, the Firestarter effect, Misfires, Missles, Jokers, and Lightning.
Lucky Horseshoe

Bonus-Lucky Horseshoe.png

Gives a 50% chance of doing double damage when firing.


Increases the movement distance of the unit by one.

Indian Trading Post influences

Indian Trading Post influences only spawn in matches held in Indian Trading Post, but Frontier Town influences spawn in such matches as well.

Name Image Effect
Spirit Walk

Bonus-Spirit Walk.png

Allows the unit to move over and through normally impassible terrain as a Trickster Raven would.


Makes the unit's attacks set its enemies on fire, dealing five damage every tick for four ticks.

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