Bogged Down

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  • Totem Points must be at least 85
  • Rank must be 1st place

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

"Well, lookee here. I think I'll build me one of them fancy totems whilst I crush that there tin star. Saddle up boys, the funs on!"

Bounty completion

"You're gonna pay fer that! I'm hoppin' mad now!"

Bounty failure

"Bwah, ha ha Haaa! Choppin' them down is more!"

Strategies and guides

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by a Howdypedia contributor

Similar tip to 'Thunder Swarm': if you start with large totem spawns close-by, you're good to go (see below). Otherwise, restart the map. Similar tip to 'Collect Them All': let the birdies do the totem runs and the other units slow the enemy down.

Have the birdies go for the large totems left and up: give the bird going left an iron-plate at the right time (he will get cross-fired) and the bird going up the hustle. Have the ground units go for the right teleport point while doing some damage along the way. Unless things go horribly wrong, you should end up with the birdies delivering the two large totems, generating more than enough totem points

The challenge is to keep it that way. Time to initiate the Alamo Protocol and have your units camp the totems

As long as the enemy units are not able to take down one of your large totems, you should be fine. It will take a number of tries though (depending on luck and the slightly buggy TB AI).

Please note: This is not my guide! I borrow it with permission from Wisefox


  • Use the thunderbirds to collect large totem pieces
  • Use the Iron Plate to protect a thunderbird in danger
  • Camp the totems with your other units since there are only 4 spots that pieces can be added to a totem
  • Focus on keeping Big John's score down since he's the only one likely to take 1st place from you
  • Dominating one pole and having one piece on the other will easily give you the points to win
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