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Big shots are special units, of which you will always have one and only one in a game. They are generally more powerful than normal units, and have special roles in the scenarios Cattle Rustling, Land Grab, and Warpath.

When a player character is first created, the player is given the Cavalry, a Frontier Town big shot. Other big shots can be purchased at the ranch in their town, for the price of Scrip.png4000. After acquiring a big shot, the player is asked to name it. The big shot's name is only visible in the player's inventory, and in the big shot selection screen at the start of a round.

In a game, when hovering the cursor over a big shot, its big shots status is indicated by a star in the bottom left of the crosshairs. When moving a big shot, the tiles that indicate where it can move are green instead of the normal yellow.

List of big shots

Frontier Town

Indian Trading Post