Big Hunt Down

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Special rules: No unit respawn,you must survive.

  • Nuggets Claimed must be at least 6
  • Damage Dealt must be at least 1500
  • Surviving Units must be at least 1

Outlaw's statements

Bounty opening

Bounty completion

Bounty failure

Strategies and Guides

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by The_Conster, EvilTree, GoTurboRaonz & strayanimal

(From WiseFox compilation on old B!H Forums)

a. I think I recall my biggest problem being with the damage points. You'll want to avoid his units getting hit by trains, and you should aim for overkill. Other than that, it's a common matter of trying to kill their guys as fast as possible without them killing too much of your guys, and then hoping you'll collect enough gold in time.

b. Move all your gunslingers toward blue; BLUE will not attack you unless you have a gold piece in your hand or you are near a piece of gold and they grab the gold and shoot you at the same time; kill them all without a scratch on you; after killing blue wait for the units north of you to go back with some gold; use your cav to get some gold a run back before they get back; kill them all wooo you will

c. I completed it weeks ago and the trick is to get the gunslingers close at the start. This is how I did it.

  • Bring 2 gunslingers on a tile next to the old codger/shotgunner and fire for around 55 damage and the other gunslinger to kill them
  • Only use gunslingers to kill blue
  • Concentrate on getting the gold nuggets with the cavalry.
  • Use the gunslingers to hit the human units (bigshots included)
  • After 4 nuggets are in the claim,pray that you have enough time to bring all your gunslingers back to the claim with nuggets.
  • BEWARE of the train!! This is the main cause of damage loss so try to kill the units on the rails BEFORE they get hit.

d. What I did for Big Hunt Down (big john's last one) was send two gunslingers across the tracks (make sure there are two gunslingers on your far right, if not I usually restarted) to gun down those shotgunners and old cogder since they are very useful at doing that (important: the enemy won't kill you, instead they will go for the gold, but there isn't gold for everybody so quick), move right next to em, both gunslingers (stand on the second track away from you) but attack the same one, make sure if they have gold, because they will come back and shoot you on the way. Anyway back to the main group, move everyone up in a line so they can get a shot at the enemy when they grab the gold, don't get any gold though, there is probably no chance you will survive. Once they get the gold send your gunslingers (your main ones, not the ones that went across the tracks) in against the human units (cavalry, sharpshooter, other gunslingers) since they will cut them down easily. Get your digirible to kill the steam gunman ro any other units there, your cavalry may help but make sure it survives. Your gunslingers on the other side of the tracks should still be chopping down those shotgunners. Use your lasso cards on a hustle stopwatch and use it on your cavalry and use the other lasso to grab another bonus when you think you'll need it (get bonuses like hollow point, lucky horseshoe, or health). Continue to kill the enemy, this is important, don't put you gold in your truck thingy unless your real close and theres no-one to kill near you. Make sure you kill anyone before they kill themselves on the train tracks. After you got the necessary damage points, focus everybody on gold, this may take a few tries but I eventually got it.


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