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For the most part, we follow Wikipedia's manual of style. is another good resource, the Links page is especially useful. We also have a few additional conventions detailed on this page.

When you're finished, please also see Bang! Howdy Wiki:Contribute for more detailed guidelines and current tasks.

Article names

Everything should follow:

File uploads

For consistency and alphabetization purposes, some files' names are prefixed with a specific word.


  • Badge images are prefixed by Badge-
  • Board component images are prefixed by Map-
  • Bonus images are prefixed by Bonus-
  • Buckle images are prefixed by Buckle-
  • Card images are prefixed by Card-
  • Clothing images are prefixed by either Male- or Female-, depending on the item's gender
  • Outlaw images are prefixed by Outlaw-

All other files should be named following what they describe.

Attribution tags

To give proper credit, please enter one of the following tags, unless the image is your own creation. Enter the text in the Summary field.

  • All media uploads from Howdypedia archives should be tagged with {{Howdypedia}}
  • All media uploads from Bang! Howdy should be tagged with {{Media}}
  • All media uploads from the Affliction Networks version of Bang! Howdy should be tagged with {{AfflictionMedia}}
Note: This tag is for original content produced by Affliction Networks. Source material created by Three Rings falls under {{Media}}

Example of an image upload:



"Uncapitalized" means that a term is not capitalized (although it may still be, following normal sentence structure); "capitalized" means that the unit follows ingame capitalization (which generally means that all words within the term are capitalized).

  • Generic (and some specific) terms such as scenario, board/map, town, and big shot are uncapitalized.
  • Town names are capitalized, e.g. Frontier Town.
  • Board names are capitalized, e.g. Abandoned Ranch
  • Unit names are capitalized, e.g. Steam Gunman.
  • Big shot names are capitalized, e.g. Old Codger.
  • Card names are capitalized, e.g. Giddy Up.
  • Bonus names are capitalized, e.g. Bonus Point Star.
  • Clothing names are capitalized following ingame expression, e.g. Frontier Dress with Book and Duster with cigarette.

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