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Bang! Howdy Wiki is currently request only for editors/contributors. Everyone is welcome! Read below.

Getting started

  1. Familiarize yourself with the style guide. Be sure to click through to Wikipedia's manual of style and skim the Article titles, headings, and sections section for the basics of organization. is another good resource, the Links page is especially useful.
  2. Request an account. Enter your Discord name in the "Other information" field. Discord will be our main method of communication, please join the Community101 Discord if you have not.
  3. Once approved by an administrator, you will receive an automated email with your password. It is advised that you change this to something secure and that you can remember at Special:Preferences
  4. Read the guidelines and current tasks below.

Article guidelines

  • Most articles have already been created and/or marked with {{stub}}, which is a template that adds text to the page "This article is a stub..." and places it in the Stub category. Leave this template at the top of the page until we are sure the article is "complete" or at least fleshed out enough to be a valuable & coherent read.
  • Howdypedia's archives is the main tool we use.
    • Try clicking the edit or view source tabs. Most of the time this results in a dead link, but it is absolutely worth a try.
    • If the above is unfruitful, simply copy/paste the text and do your best to fix headers and add the proper links and images, if applicable.

General article layout

  1. Summary with Table of Contents at the end, if applicable.(If the article is long enough to warrant a TOC, it will be automatically placed after the summary.)
  2. Sections and subsections.
  3. "See also" section with related articles, if appropriate.
  • Images are to be placed under the section they hold context in, right-aligned (this is default). Always use the thumb parameter, unless it makes more sense to have a large picture(Like a Board). Enter a caption for the thumbnail.
    • Example: [[Image:Badge-Gold_Rush_2020.png|thumb|[[Badge]] for the champion of the tournament.]]

Current tasks

Thank you!