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Temporary blocks for inappropriate behavior

When necessary, administrators of the wiki may temporarily block a user from making edits following several acts of inappropriate and hostile behavior. The behaviors and punishments are as follows:

  • Scribbling - The user leaves random junk on numerous pages, but doesn't delete existing text, nor add anything offensive. One warning will be given; if it is not heeded, the user will be blocked for a week.
  • Copyright infringement - The user uploads text or images from another source and claims authorship. One warning will be given; if it is not heeded, the user will be blocked for a month.
  • Vandalism - The user erases large sections of existing content for no valid reason, or adds offensive text to existing entries. The user may receive one warning; in clearly malicious cases, the user may be blocked immediately. A second offense will result in a block of one month.
  • Ignoring advice - The user is advised about a general matter of policy, etiquette, or method. If the user is given advice on their user talk page and then proceeds to ignore it and continue what they were doing, in defiance of wise urgings, they will be warned twice (in addition to the initial advice) After failure to heed the advice and two warnings, the user may be blocked for a week.

Permanent blocks

At the discretion of the Administrators, users may be blocked permanently for continued violations, particularly those made in bad faith.