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A female avatar with limited edition clown duds

An avatar is an in-game image that represents your character. To view one's avatar, a player can press P, D, B, I, or S while in the game, and the avatar will be shown on the left. Players can modify their avatars' appearances at a barber shop, where they can also put on any duds (clothes, hats, jewelry, familiars, and gear) they have purchased from a general store. Players can acquire specific badges to unlock more modifications for their avatars, such as new hair, eye, or dud colours. Everything about a player's avatar can be changed (for the right price) except for the gender. All male avatars face to the right, while female avatars face to the left. Avatars appear on wanted posters, next to typed words in chat, and in the list of pardners that can be accessed by pressing P while in town.