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Aces, Ace.png, are a third form of currency used by gangs. A gang earns aces when its members participate in ranked matches against members of other gangs. In such "gang games", the better the position with which a player finishes, and the more players that participated in the match, the more aces the player will earn for their gang. The amount of aces won normally ranges from two (for losing a two-player game), to five (for winning a four-player game), though, if a player owns a purse, they will have a chance at earning an additional ace on top of their normal reward.

Aces can be only be spent by gang leaders, and may be used to purchase buckle components and gang upgrades. Leaders can also, from the roster menu, see how many aces each member of the gang has earned for that gang throughout their membership (which occasionally leads to such phenomenon as "Anyone who gets x aces can be leader" within some gangs).