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The barber shop interface's Clothes tab.

The barber shop is located to the right of the Bank in Frontier Town and is the leftmost building in Indian Trading Post. Within it, players can change the appearance of their avatars. On the right is a picture of what the avatar currently looks like, allowing players to preview different styles. At the top are three options, Clothes, Looks, and Character. Further options for each are on the left.


Clothes allows you to put on duds that you have bought at the general store. The duds are divided over six tabs:

  • Hats
  • Clothes
  • Glasses
  • Jewelry
  • Paint
  • Familiars


Looks allow the player to change the physical appearance of their avatar. This has a minimum cost of 2000 scrip, and can go up depending on what choices are made for the avatar. Once a look is bought, the player can freely change to and from it. Looks are put together from one aspect from each category. Females have six categories to choose from; males have eight, due to the option of having a beard and a moustache. The categories are shown as tabs along the left side of the interface:

All possible skin colours.

Head - This allows you to change your skin color and the shape of your head.

All possible hair colours. The outlined are available to everyone, others need badges. (below)

Hair - This allows you to change your hairdo and the color of your hair.
Eyebrows - This allows you to change the style of your eyebrows. The color is the same as your hair.
Eyes - This allows you to change the look and color of your avatar's eyes.
Nose - This allows you to change the look of your avatar's nose.
Mouth - This allows you to change your avatar's facial expression.
Mustache - This allows you to choose what mustache your avatar wears. The mustache's color matches your avatar's hair color. Only available to male characters.
Beard - This allows you to choose what beard your avatar wears. The beard's color matches your avatar's hair color. Only available to male characters.

Colors unlocked by badges

Certain colours of hair and eyes are not available until you have received certain badges. These colours and their corresponding badges are, for eyes:

  • Red - Badman
  • Orange - In The Chips
  • Purple - Cherry Picker
  • Violet - Tenderfoot

And for hair:

  • Blue - Vigilante
  • Green - Big Shooter
  • Navy Blue - Buckaroo
  • Orange - Rambler
  • Purple - Steamroller
  • Violet - Cowpoke

Note that currently, some colours appear to be available before being unlocked, making the associated badges do nothing.

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Character allows you to change what your avatar will show in various situations, if you've bought more than one look. It also allows you to change your name, for a fee.

This allows you to select which look you will show as your default, in your Wanted poster, and in victory. This only works if you've bought a pose in addition to your default avatar.
This function allows you to change your handle for 1000 scrip.
No current use

Historical notes

The "Character" tab was implemented as part of the Release 2006-10-18.